Thank you Chris Marshall and Ryan Catherwood from our partner firm CMAC,  for asking us to talk about campaign readiness during the recent Alum-Less episode. We enjoyed our time with you and could discuss this topic for hours as you could tell! We are delighted to share this episode with you.

Bonnie & Karin

Episode 10 – Campaign Readiness with Bonnie Devlin and Karin George 

On this episode of Alum-Less, Chris and Ryan discuss campaign readiness with Bonnie Devlin and Karin George, co-owners and Managing Principals of Washburn & McGoldrick LLC, and how engagement should be factored into the plans and goals.

During the show, the group explores what it means to be prepared for a fundraising campaign at an educational institution, and the dynamics that lead to success.

Live Podcast Aired: September 16, 2022