Episode 42: Navigating big change

On this episode, Carla Willis, Managing Principal at Washburn & McGoldrick, joins host Kim Nyoni for a thought-provoking conversation on navigating the twists and turns of a career in philanthropy.

The conversation revolves around the critical skill of preparing for the unexpected in one’s career and delves into the reality that, even with meticulous planning, a career in advancement can be unpredictable at times – things like layoffs, furloughs, promotions, geographic moves are just part of life. And fundraisers have to be light on their feet while navigating the ups and downs of their careers.

This episode provides listeners with valuable insights into resilience, adaptability, and accepting change as it comes. Through personal anecdotes and professional advice, Carla illustrates how to remain flexible and responsive to external challenges, emphasizing the need to embrace change rather than resist it.

This is an inspirational guide for professionals at any stage of their career, highlighting the significance of readiness and the power of positive pivoting in the face of big change.

Podcast Aired: March 13, 2024