Washburn & McGoldrick’s Intensives workshops are the most effective training and coaching programs for gift officers from the most experienced mentors in educational fundraising.

Our Intensives—no-nonsense seminars and one-on-one coaching—provides the industry’s leading training and mentoring to advance your team’s skills, confidence, and results. Each of our experienced trainers is a former vice president at a nationally recognized college or university with a proven track record in leading, mentoring, and direct fundraising. The personalized training we provide is affordable, effective, and dynamic.

In today’s philanthropic environment, educational leaders are committing significant resources in staff and technology to partner with donors, realize visionary goals, and maximize gift income and engagement.  Trustees and senior management expect measurable returns on these investments. Customized, expert training to boost your gift officers’ top performance and accountability has never been more critical. Find out what some of our clients say about our Intensives program on the Testimonials page.

Major Gift Workshops

Creating Major Gift Success 1.0

Our Creating Major Gift Success 1.0 Workshop is a 1.5 day, highly interactive program that challenges your team to work collaboratively, think strategically, shorten their time horizons for productivity, and to practice the language of engagement, solicitation and closing. It is customized and presented on your campus for up to 20 participants with a case study, role plays and short-burst response exercises.

Creating Major Gift Success 2.0

Our Creating Major Gift Success 2.0 Workshop is a one-day follow up program, offered approximately six months after our Major Gift 1.0 Workshop. It refreshes the concepts of the 1.0 Workshop, reviews the progress of participants, and responds to their experiences in the time since their participation in the first workshop.

Specialized Planned Giving Workshops

Financial Fluency and Donor Life Stages

This one-day workshop with two complimentary half day sessions, helps gift officers understand donor investment, retirement and estate planning goals, and how these goals may influence philanthropic decisions. In the Life Stages session, gift officers learn to identify and understand the financial, social, and personal decisions donors face at different ages with attention to designing specific gift arrangements that can help donors address those issues while helping your institution meet its philanthropic goals.

Planned Gift Essentials

This one-day workshop will help every gift officer understand the basic language of planned giving, the different planned giving instruments that will help donors expand their philanthropic capacity, and the stages of life when donors are most likely to receive information about planned giving. It will also address how to organize and market a planned giving program successfully and how to integrate the program into the fabric of the institutional development program.

Managing Up, Down and Across

This workshop for those with management and fundraising responsibilities focuses on setting team and individual goals and monitoring progress, dealing more effectively with challenging team members and cross-campus partners, motivating academic and administrative leaders to focus on fundraising priorities, and time management.

Workshops for Board Members and Key Volunteers

Educational institutions expect their Board members and other key volunteers to be enthusiastic participants in the development process to secure philanthropic support for the institution. Some trustees and volunteers are experienced and eager. Many hope that they will be assigned to other committees! Many, who want to be helpful, still look for help in understanding their role and responsibilities. Our half-day and full-day workshops are specifically planned to help your Board members and volunteers partner better with the President/Head and the development staff to become more effective and have more fun while doing it.

Workshops for Deans, Department Chairs and Faculty

Combining theoretical understanding of how philanthropy works and a very practical understanding of the role Deans, Department Chairs and faculty can play in the development program, these interactive one-day programs help interested academics become more knowledgeable, practiced and confident in planning and implementing development strategies. It helps them how to use their own powerful stories to inspire donors to become involved and to support their teaching, scholarship and research.

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